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Your New Business Card


declassifiedYour New Book = Your New Business Card. Many entrepreneurs understand that they need to stand out in a crowd, and others understand that their expert knowledge in their specific field will help propel ideas, businesses, and leaders to the next level. If you are a successful solo-preneur, small or large business owner, or corporate executive, then you have a compelling, helpful, and inspiring story to tell about how you rose to the top. What strategies did you use? Who were your mentors? What top 5 habits would you share with your admirers? How do you choose to give back?

What better way to answer these questions and tell your story than to write and publish your own book, which will not only create inspiration and motivation for aspiring leaders in your industry, but it will also create more visibility for you and your business. It’s your new business card!

You’ve heard it before from experts like Guy Kawasaki and other successful business leaders and entrepreneurs: books build visibility and propel success. Kawasaki says, “An entrepreneur should write a book to help the next generation learn what to do.” Most of us in the book industry know that writing and publishing a book is one of the best marketing tools we could use to ensure a spotlight and an expert status.

James Altucher (successful entrepreneur and best-selling author) wrote in an article recently, “If you, the entrepreneur, self-publish a book you will stand out…You know how to do something better than anyone else in the world.” And, it’s true.

You. Are. An. Expert. Let us in on your secrets.

Share. Teach. Motivate. Inspire. With your story.

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