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On-Demand Proofreading, Copy Editing and Copy Writing Packages

Quick Proof Package 5 Hours per Month

Perks include: Proofing and light editing with a guaranteed 5-day (or less) turnaround time. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and syntax will be reviewed and corrected.

Quick-Proof Member
$200 per month





Highlighter Package 8 Hours per Month

Includes all Quick-Proof Package Perks plus corrections and revision suggestions for: content, focus, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, organization, tone. and audience engagement and a guaranteed 3-day (or less) turnaround time.

Highlighter Member
$425 per month


Editor’s Desk Package 10 Hours per Month

Editor’s Desk Membership is perfect if your business consistently needs content edited and/or written on-demand with very quick turnaround times. Social media content, website content, speeches, employee bios, newsletters, blog posts, articles, press releases, proactive and reactive media statements, and more.

Editor’s Desk Member
$625 per month

Copy Writing & Copy Editing per Project Fees Available

  • Corporations (policy and procedure, white pages, marketing materials, web copy, blogs, newsletters)
  • Professionals (resumes, cover letters, and other professional correspondence)
  • C-level Executives (non-fiction manuscripts, biographies, web copy)
  • Start-ups (mostly tech: marketing materials, blogposts, research, technical writing)
  • Academia (textbook, course design, marketing and fundraising materials, grants, curriculum development)
  • Legal (Editing only: briefs, marketing materials, trademark, service mark, and patent applications)
  • Authors (fiction and non-fiction)





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